How Ignoring an IT Problem can Cost you a Bunch of Time and Money!


5-2-1In the 90s, the owner of a contracting business in Texas called me for help because their accounting database had crashed. These things happen, and we fixed up their data and they were happy.

I received a call from him again about a month later. Their accounting database had gotten corrupted again. He was not upset, but he needed help. We repaired their database, and I advised the owner that they might want to get a local IT pro to come out and set up a backup system for them.

If their data crashed again, they would only need to restore their previous day’s backup, instead of having to live without their accounting system for a couple of days — and pay us hundreds of dollars.

They called again a couple of weeks later. The owner was grumbling about the apparent instability of his system — their accounting system had crashed again. I advised him to seek local IT help. We repaired their data again.

We ended repairing their database perhaps ten times over the next two years.

I don’t know why he wouldn’t get the IT consulting he needed to obtain a stable computing environment and a good backup system. But he didn’t! He never “got around to it”, at least for those two years.

That was good for my business, but bad for his. He needlessly spent thousands of dollars to clean up data messes, and all those crashes surely disrupted his staff and his accounting operations.


If your business needs professional help overcoming a troublesome problem — in IT or elsewhere – save money in the long run and don’t hesitate to procure the help you need!


Shannon Tucker
Buena Vista, CO

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